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Higher Education

Currently many Ethiopian students become inspired and interested to attend higher education in America, Europe and Asia universities. The families of these students are also keen to send their kids to abroad and to attend higher education in various universities abroad for personal carrier and national benefits.

For a long time, such opportunities become difficult due to lack of information and platform to establish a link between those foreign universities and students in Ethiopia; while a student and families are potentially capable and financially strong irrespectively. However, even in this situation Cruise school has create a link for more than 300 students abroad who are attending higher education in different America and Europe.

Today, there are many students in America, Europe, Asia and other universities through connection made illegally or informal link established by some brokers and an ethical individual. This is really a crises by far that could be a causes for a failure for the individual students’ families and nation at large.

To overcome such mess Cruise school opened a counseling liaison office for higher school students and other interested students to attend higher education abroad legally and transparently. The school opened the office for this special purpose to create a platform and provide an opportunity for students who has intent to attend higher education in various universities all over the world from west to east coast and from north to south cost of the globe.

The office has opened after two days training conducted for counselor from different school in Ethiopia. The training was organized and given by USAID for the school counselor to capacitate the students for foreign university enrollment. During the training various topics has been addressed to the counselors not limited but including the followings;

  • University selection, requirement and other issues for enrollment
  • Registration schedule and registration fees
  • Affidavit support and other financial issues
  • Students psychological & cultural preparedness to attend in universities
  • Cultural diversity and psychological situation of universities
  • Techniques of recommendation letter and content
  • Visa request and student interview process in Embassies

After this training conducted, Cruise school form an office to  established a link of cruse students and families of student to all universities in the world through the website known as www.commonapp.org

Currently the office is organizing the office and preparing to conduct training mainly for 11th and 12th grade students; while in future the awareness creation and training program will be conducted about these intended higher education programs started from 8th grade onwards.

Objectives of the Counselling office

The main objective of the counseling office is to capacitate holistically the students for their future education and preparedness in universities abroad; while the other objectives are;

  • Organizing students report card, transcript and other relevant documents as per the requirement of the universities they are applied
  • Advice the students on the field of study and the subject matter they want to attend
  • Create a link with foreign universities and follow up the process
  • Give an awareness creation and teaching them about cultural and social issues during their school time
  • Communicate with families and universities abroad and provide an advice and support irrespectively
  • To write a final recommendation letter to the universities where the students enrolled

Training program conducted in Cruise school

Cruise organized two workshop programs with three Directors of International student recruitment personnel’s from American universities, namely; Minnesota State University and Boise state university. The delegates from America schools were Brain from Boise, Elizabeth Loharenz and Aimee Thostenson from Minnesota state universities.

The training was organized and held for two days in Cruise high school library hall. The school has organized this training to give firsthand information from university directors about the education process and teaching and learning process in each university from which they were coming from.

The orientation was conducted to create awareness about the foreign education system, application, university entry requirements, financial dues and scholarship opportunities even if the students are registered for payment.

Randomly, more than 60 students attended the meeting from 11th and 12th grade students and awareness creation has been made about Minisotta and Boise universities irrespectively and American universities at large. 

After the training session was conducted a meeting was opened for questions from the student for not clear information given and/or comments if any from students. Some questions were raised and answers were given from universities directors. Finally, the training was closed after exchanging email address between the directors and students

After this training was conducted, Cruise school is established an office in Cruise high school and conduct three half days counselling service for cruise students, student families and other students from local high school. 

Contact consoler Address

Sisay Kifle