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Ato SEIFU Gossaye


Hello. Cruise School has been established in 1987 EC. We started with a bright vision and great ambition to make a visible and tangible change by delivering quality education to those who get enrolled with us and set  a high standard to schools around our area in particular and to all over the country at large.

Led by professional educational experts renowned in the field not only for long but also remarkable service, our School is still one of the Schools capable of delivering quality education that develops with the needs and challenges if the time.

I humbly invite you to go through our website and learn more about our School. May you have any questions or suggestions, you are most welcome to do so.


Cruise School is celebrating its 25th year Anniversary!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of our School, and the school celebrates this milestone by hosting a special community celebration.  Students and parents, along with current and former staff members, will come together to enjoy, reconnect and share memories.

Why choose us

Cruises’s academic program challenges and inspires students to discover their passion and realize their potential.

Our teachers are highly professional, caring,  collaborative, focused, and dedicated.



Since its founding 25 years ago, Cruise has been preparing students with an education for a lifetime.

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